Pipe Condition Assessment


Pipelines inevitably deteriorate and knowing the condition of your assets is essential to manage risk and plan for renewals. As New Zealand’s experts in optimising pipeline renewals, ProjectMax can help you determine a CCTV inspection programme, manage the quality of the outputs through CCTV auditing and define an appropriate approach to interpreting the condition assessment results.

We understand the deterioraton of pipelines and the many and various ways that materials eventually fail. We can provide advice on the best technology available to quantify their condition, including the use of CCTV, laser and sonar. We can also provide advice on the best available technologies to assess pressurised pipes (water supply, syphons and rising mains).

The quality of CCTV inspections can vary significantly depending on the skill and competence of the operator. We offer independent CCTV inspection auditing to ensure that you are getting the high quality outcomes that you expect, and that you are paying for.