Asset Management & Pipeline Renewal Planning


Providing for level of service changes, growth and the renewal of existing pipe networks will all pose significant challenges over the next 30 years.

We can assist you with optimising your short term and long term pipe renewal planning and the associated funding requirements. The timing and extent of renewals is a critical part of that equation.

ProjectMax can assist you to develop long term pipe renewal forecasts that provide for robust financial and resource planning. We can also assist you with ensuring that renewals proposed for the near future are fully justified and are utilising the most cost-effective approach. We understand that these are quite different processes requiring different tools. The approach adopted for critical assets should also be quite different to non-critical assets.

The extent and quality of the information held by the asset owner plays a crucial role in achieving the desired outcomes and we can advise you how to utilise, and improve, the collection of information from planned and reactive activities.