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ProjectMax has been running the New Zealand Trenchless Technology Forums since 2007. The forums are great opportunities for continuing professional development and industry networking. The next Forum will be in Auckland in July 2016.

The New Zealand Trenchless Technology Forums are half day events for the education and promotion of trenchless technology related issues to the utilities industry. The forums are typically held 3 to 4 times a year, starting with a breakfast and networking at 7:30, followed by typically 4 to 5 presentations (separated by a morning tea) and conclude at midday. The forums attract a cross section of the utilities industry including, council engineers, contractors, consultants and Pipe & fitting material suppliers and equipment sellers.

In selecting presenters, during the planning stages of each forum ProjectMax invites individuals or companies to register their interest in presenting a case study or technology at the upcoming forum, or approaches individuals to share a recent technical papers with the wider industry. We try to encourage the industry to share their experiences as much as possible. This in turn helps the industry to continue to grow and innovate.

The forums began in 2007, and have developed into a recognised and popular utility industry event usually attracting 50 to 70 delegates. ProjectMax developed the concept for the forums and continue to be responsible for planning, co-ordinating, facilitating and funding these events as part of one of the company’s ongoing objectives of providing trenchless knowledge to the industry.

Forum objectives

There is more than one benefit from attending the forums. A key benefit is education through learning about new techniques, materials, equipment and listening to challenging project case studies from throughout New Zealand, Australia, and internationally. The presenters come from practitioners within New Zealand as well as Australia, and at times as far afield as Singapore, Hong Kong, US and the UK.

The forums also provide great networking possibilities, offering an informal opportunity for different sectors of the industry to get together, socialise and discuss ‘business’. There isn’t always a lot of other opportunities for the utility industry to get together outside of the big annual conferences.

Future of the forums

August 2014 saw the first forum held outside of the Auckland centre, in Christchurch, which ProjectMax says will become a more regular occurrence.

We will continue to run the Auckland forums every four months, and in addition hold other forums in other centres, including Christchurch. The current half day format mix of networking and industry technical presentations has proved to be very popular and we see this remaining in the future.

We see that the diversity of attendees and the number of delegates increasing over time. We are already seeing the forums becoming a place where associated industry organisations can participate to share their knowledge and interact with the rest of industry. We were very excited about the first forum back in 2007, and we are still excited about each forum that we hold, after more than seven years that says something.

Attend one of our next NZ Trenchless Technology Forum or add your name to our list to receive invitation by following this link.

Past forum presentations

More Information and Registrations will open closer to the Forum

Wednesday 13th April 2016 - Christchurch
The History and Evolution of CCTV by Darren Michalski, IBAK
CIPP Lining in Submerged Pipes by Raad Karbouli, PipeWorks
Thursday 14th April 2016 - Wellington
Branch 1 Case Study by Zuhair Shehadeh, PipeWorks
Friday 15th April 2016 - Auckland
Defective Concrete Pipeline Assessment by Husham Issa Al-Saleem, Humes
Wednesday 25th November 2015 - Christchurch
NZ Polyethylene Industry Group by Iain McNaught,Iplex
Pipe-Bursting Presentation by Sean Wharton, Hammerhead
Range and Products by Ben Hayes, Herrenknecht
Sewer Rehabilitation Specifications by John Monro, Interflow
Thursday 26th November 2015 - Wellington
History of Spiral Winding by John Monro, Interflow
Friday 27th November 2015 - Auckland
Pressure Pipe Rehab by Maurice Lubbock, Aecom
S1 Sewer Rehab by John Monro, Interflow
Friday 7th August 2015 - Auckland
Risk Management by Method Selection by Rory Bishop, Harkers
Wednesday 18th March 2015 -Christchurch
Thursday 26th March 2015 - Auckland

Suva CIPP Sewer Renewals by Charles de Vilder, PipeWorks
Worksafe Tunnel Presentation by Nigel Slonker, Worksafe NZ
Bamser Presentation by Ben Crosby, Bamser
SL-RAT Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool by George Selembo, Austech Pty Ltd
Friday 21st November 2014 - Auckland
New Lynn Branch Sewer by Veluppillai Thavarajah, Watercare, and Dragan Jovanovic, Tess Gillham, GHD Ltd

Is that Liner Thick Enough? by Philip McFarlane, Opus International Consultants Ltd
Repairing & Relining Pipelines by Leigh John, Aquapipe
August 2014 - Christchurch

Sealing of Lateral Connections to Lined Sewers - INTERFLOW

While there are different types of liners that will restore the performance of deteriorated sewers, it is universally accepted that none will provide water – tight seal when cut to make a junction with a lateral house service line. There is always the potential for infiltration and root infestation at these points. This presentation will detail how these connections can be sealed without excavation using a cured-in-place fitting known in New Zealand as a Lateral Junction Repair or LJR. It will highlight latest developments that have made the seal installation process quicker and more secure in a wider range of junction types.

Cartridge Method for Pit-to-Pit Installations - IPLEX - Please email Frank O'Callaghan for presentation

Installing segmented pipe ‘Cartridge Method – Pit to Pit’ (CMPTP) has become popular in New Zealand, with successful installations completed in many towns and cities. The CMPTP method employs short segmented, restrained joint plastic pipe that enables installations to be made from a small site footprint. To date this work has primarily been in non-pressure applications, but pressure pipe solutions are now available. Conventional fused pipe strings are commonly installed by trenchless methods but require a large footprint space. These long pipe strings can result in significant disruption to the community by blocking off roadways, driveways, commercial businesses and residential properties. The CMPTP method with restrained joint pipe eliminates any need for pipe strings. It allows a significantly smaller work footprint, with lower work site impact and is suitable for use with a number of trenchless installation methods including Static Pipe Bursting, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Slip Lining, Guided Auger Boring and Micro-tunnelling.


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