Trenchless Technology 101

This 2 day overview provides an overview of current trenchless technologies for the installation of new or rehabilitation of existing underground pipeline assets.
These include:
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling.
  • Pipe Bursting.
  • Micro – tunnelling.
  • Pipe Lining – Pressure & Gravity.
  • Installation of new pipes, e.g. horizontal directional drilling, micro-tunnelling, pipe ramming.
  • Rehabilitation of existing pipes, e.g. pipe bursting, CIPP and other lining techniques, patch repairs, grouting and the rehabilitation of man-entry and pressure pipes.
  • An overview of the various techniques available.
  • Discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each technique, their suitability for specific projects and the risks associated with each technique.
  • Outline of investigations that should be completed before construction works begin.
  • Design factors that should be considered for projects involving trenchless technology.
  • Review of considerations for selecting techniques and contractors.
  • Discussion of considerations when supervising the construction of works.
Too often trenchless technology projects fail because:
  • The techniques selected were not suitable for the situation.
  • The wrong equipment was used.
  • The investigation works were inadequate.
  • The risks of the project were not fully understood.

By attending this foundation knowledge course you will gain an appreciation of the various techniques to make an informed risk based option assessment, understand the key quality assurance parameters and requirements, and develop an understanding of how trenchless technology can provide a faster, more accurate and safer alternative to traditional methods.

Training methodology - The interactive training course includes:
  • Lectures.
  • Case Studies.
  • Group Discussions.
  • Video Material.
Who should attend?

Managers, Consultants and Contractors from Water, Drainage, Gas, Power, and Telecommunications Utilities who may be responsible for projects involving the planning, design, maintenance and installation of pipes and cables.

For further information, contact: Blair Telfer

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