Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

Horizontal Directional Drilling has developed as an important trenchless technique for installation of new underground utilities, such as water, wastewater, energy and communications.
This one-day course will provide attendees with an understanding of:
  • Good practice techniques for horizontal directional drilling covering selection and operation of drill rigs and drilling equipment and drilling fluids.
  • Design considerations, including determining drill alignments, selecting pipe materials and determining design loads.
  • Risk associated with horizontal directional drilling and how to reduce these risks.
  • Factors to consider in the planning and investigation of a horizontal directional drilling project.
Course Attendees will have the skills to ensure that horizontal directional drilling projects do not fail because:
  • The techniques selected were not suitable for the situation.
  • The wrong equipment was used.
  • The investigation works were inadequate.
  • The risks of the project were not fully understood.
Who should attend?
  • Contractors, clients and consultants from Water, Wastewater, Gas, Power, Sewage, and Telecommunications Industries who may be responsible for projects involving horizontal directional drilling.
  • The course will be of benefit to drill operators who are studying for the National Certificate in Civil Construction Works (Horizontal Directional Drilling).

For further information, contact: Blair Telfer

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