CCTV Training for Operators & Engineers

A two-day course aimed at CCTV Operators or people involved in CCTV Inspections of sewer and stormwater systems.

Training Dates: TBA

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Based around the 3rd edition of the NZ Pipe Inspection manual, this course will provide an understanding of good practice for undertaking CCTV inspections and the identification and logging of pipe features. The course will also provide an overview of how CCTV inspections can be used in the asset management of sewer and stormwater systems. An attendee, who successfully completes this program, will have obtained the skills necessary for the learning pathway to competently undertake CCTV inspections.

Following attendance of this course, a separate assessment for Certificate of Competence* maybe undertaken following a submission of a sample of work, (an inspection of a pipeline (video and coding)). The combined results of the classroom learning and the submission will form the basis of the competency assessment. Certification will require a satisfactory completion of all of the course and the Pipe Inspection Manual requirements.

*The Competency assessment is outside of the course content and requires payment of an additional fee.

Who should attend?

CCTV Operators who are required to operate and maintain CCTV systems to identify and record structural defects, service defects and other features, in sewerage and stormwater conduits.

Learning activities/content:

Learning activities involve classroom discussion; review of 3rd Edition of New Zealand Pipe Inspection Manual, definitions and example photographs; coding still and video images as well as best practice requirements for undertaking CCTV pipe inspection.

Course content includes:
  • Overview of NZ Pipe Inspection Manual.
  • Faults and features - how to interpret and code.
  • Good Practice elements for the operation of CCTV equipment.
  • How to avoid common mistakes.
  • The role of CCTV in asset management.
  • Cleaning of pipes.
  • Other inspection and testing methods.
  • New Developments in CCTV equipment.
  • Hazards in sewerage and stormwater systems.

For further information, contact: Steve Apeldoorn

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