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ProjectMax provides education and training for Trenchless Technology & Pipeline Inspections

We provide our customers with tailored and structured training courses, seminars and workshops to enable them to improve their knowledge of the technologies used in the investigation and construction of underground infrastructure, and to learn when and how to use these technologies to maximum benefit.

ProjectMax offers education and training for all forms of trenchless technology, and regularly conduct seminars designed to train and educate practicing Professional Engineers and Contractors internationally, so that they are abreast of the latest developments and innovations. We work with the industry to provide relevant world class training developed to cover the full scope of the subject in question from basic concepts through to implementation and risk management.

Our seminars combine our extensive engineering and practical experience with a well developed, practical and systematic training approach. Each course is prepared and conducted by a senior, and highly experienced, member of the ProjectMax team specialising in the subject being presented. Case studies and extensive course note materials are an integral part of the courses.