WaterCare Services Pipe Rehabilitation

Project Description

 WaterCare Services Ltd
 October 2014
Pipe Rehabilitation

A section of the Trunk Branch 1 Sewer from Green Lane East under the Remuera Rd ridge was identified by Watercare as requiring rehabilitation. The sewer was a 600mm x 900mm Ovoid shape, with the lower half being cast concrete and the top half a two layer brick arch. There were two sections 470m and 70m long in to be rehabilitated, up to 30m deep under Remuera Rd.

ProjectMax was the professional services provider to Watercare for this project from inception in September 2013 through till final completion in October 2014. The professional services included the rehabilitation design, tendering, risk assessment, site supervision, contract management and customer liaison of the rehabilitation works.

The longer 470m installation was a continuous 24 hr operation for 5 days.

The project value was greater than $2 Million.