North Shore City Councils ProjectCARE, Pipe Rehabilitation

Project Description

 North Shore City Council
 2004 - 2011
North Shore City Council, Pipe Rehabilitation

ProjectCARE was North Shore City Councils 200 million, 20 year project to reduce wastewater overflows and Beach Closures. The Wastewater Investigation & Rehabilitation project was undertaken by Council to investigate catchments identified with significant wastewater overflows and high inflow and infiltration.

The purposes of the investigation were to find the sources of inflow/infiltration by inspecting all of the public and private drainage within each catchment. Following the investigation, a rehabilitation design was completed for the public networks and Notices to Remedy Defective Private Drainage was sent to property owners to repair damaged sewers and disconnect illegal Stormwater connections. This project was undertaken in priority catchments throughout the North Shore from 1999 to 2011. The value of physical works complete each year was approximate $5 Million.

ProjectMax was the professional services provider to NSCC for this project from 2004 to 2011; In 2008 the Wastewater Rehabilitation Partnership Agreement was established between NSCC & ProjectMax for the provision of this service in recognition of the close working relationship between the Council and ProjectMax.

The professional services included the project management, supervision and assessment of the condition and connectivity of the public and private drainage, as well as the design and management of the remedial works of the public wastewater network