Emergency Recovery of the Kaiapoi Wastewater Network

Project Description

 Waimakariri District Council
Canterbury Earthquake, Emergency Recovery, Waimakariri District Council

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake in September 2010, under New Zealand’s South Island Canterbury Plains, wreaked havoc on the underground wastewater reticulation throughout the region. The earthquake, which resulted in a 4.6m, horizontal and 1.5m vertical offset, in the ground level at the fault, and significant liquefaction of the plains saturated unconfined soils, caused substantial damage to the wastewater infrastructure and blocked the networks.

In Kaiapoi, a town in the Waimakariri District, 20km north of Christchurch City, the damage to houses and services was, initially, socially devastating to the people who lived there. It was imperative that the essential services, such as the wastewater, were operational again as soon as possible. ProjectMax worked closely with the Waimakariri District Council to assist with the coordination of unblocking, condition inspection and implementation of emergency repairs, to enable the network to become operational again.

Trenchless technology played an important role in assisting the emergency response effort, in returning essential gravity sanitary pipe services, to Kaiapoi and the district within six weeks.