Change in the Remaining Asset Life of WW Pipes

Project Description

 Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT)
 2010 - 2011
Canterbury Earthquake, Remaining Asset Life of WW Pipes, SCIRT

In Christchurch, in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes that hit the City in 2010 and 2011, SCIRT has had the responsibility for rebuilding the damaged pipe infrastructure of the City, and return the condition of the asset to at least the same level as it was prior to the 2010 Earthquake.

An important element of this, is to quantify the actual damage occurred to the network, in relation to the overall network condition, and be able to quantify to improvements that have been made, through the rebuild work, and determine that the objective of returning average condition had been met. Assessing the effect and the improvements is a complicated task of Condition assessment, comparing the pre-earthquake condition, pot earthquake condition, and the condition following repairs to the network. This assessment was undertaken by assessing the Likelihood of Failure (pre-& Post) and calculating the remaining useful life, and extrapolating the data across the network and finally comparing the data results to determine the net average change.

ProjectMax, assisted the SCIRT data assessment team by consulting and providing advice on the methodology for the assessments, including, providing documentation and guidance on the assessment of the likelihood of failure based on CCTV data to determine to remaining useful life of the wastewater pipe network.