CCTV Quality Assurance/Auditing

Project Description

  Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT)
 October 2011
Canterbury Earthquake, CCTV, SCIRT

In Christchurch, in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes that hit the City in 2010 and 2011, CCTV has become a major tool in keeping the City’s drainage network running, and for planning the major works required to rebuild the City’s underground infrastructure.

Critical to this is the accuracy and reliability of the asset condition data collected and used for the assessment and replacement/repair decision making. In October 2011, ProjectMax was engaged to undertake an audit on the reliability of the CCTV data collected, after concerns were raised by SCIRT. This Audit identified that the average accuracy of the data was less than 50% – the data was not reliable. Following this ProjectMax were engaged to undertake up skilling of the CCTV operators and the Engineers reviewing the data to competent standard, and then to undertake an on-going 5 – 10% audit of all CCTV inspections to increase the reliability of the data and to ensure that the required level (>90% accuracy) was maintained. ProjectMax plays significant role in the investigation, review and assessment of Christchurch’s stormwater & wastewater pipelines which has involved over 1200km of CCTV inspection.

ProjectMax, is currently the CCTV and Pipe Assessment Specialists and Quality Assurance assessors for Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild’s (SCIRT) CCTV Delivery Team.