New Strategic Collaboration with Resolve Group


ProjectMax are pleased to announce the creation of a collaborative partnership with Resolve Group, who provide a wide range of professional, independent and expert services for water and transport infrastructure sector.  We have come together with a shared vision of credibility, independence and integrity by focusing on what we do best to offer our clients the best service and solutions.  Through our collaborative partnership we will be offering asset management services to the water sector.  With a particular focus on our Optimised Life Cycle Management services.

Optimised Life Cycle Management is a suite of Asset Management process and techniques that seeks to:

  • align asset management activities with strategies and objectives;
  • enhance our clients’ knowledge and competency in managing their infrastructure;
  • manage service delivery risks;
  • reduce life cycle asset costs by improving practices of key activities; and
  • improve client efficiency by leveraging fit for purpose technology and cross sector innovation.

We want to empower our clients to find the perfect balance of minimising life time costs  while managing and understanding risks.

The personnel at both companies have a history of successfully working together, collaboratively, on a number of projects.  Our team (see inset) offers a unique blend of skills and experience that when brought together create a credible and innovative team.

For any further details or to discuss your asset management challenges please contact Steve Apeldoorn (027 2333 846) or Thomas Haarhoff (027 655 6067).

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