CCTV Investigation & Data Management

CCTV inspection can provide valuable information about the condition of pipes, their location, size, material and connectivity. It is an important tool in the asset management of sewer and wastewater networks.
However too often:
  • The inspections are incomplete or have poor picture quality.
  • The inspections are not properly logged.
  • GIS and Asset Management Systems are not updated to reflect the information collected.
  • Clients are not sure how to interpret the inspections.

ProjectMax are recognised as experts in the development and administration of CCTV programmes and the analysis of the information collected.

ProjectMax can help clients get the most out of CCTV inspections through:
  • Development of CCTV programmes:
  • Determining the most critical assets that need inspection.
  • Preparation of specifications and contract documents.
  • Tender Evaluation.
  • Administration of CCTV inspections:
  • Auditing of field works.
  • Auditing of completed CCTV inspections.
  • Management of CCTV databases.
  • Importing of data into Hansen and other asset management software.
  • Interpretation of CCTV Data:
  • Determining which pipes require maintenance, replacement or rehabilitation.
  • Design of replacement and rehabilitation works.
  • Determining the remaining life of pipe networks are establishing long-term budget projections.

For further information, contact: Steve Apeldoorn