Asset Management & Assessment Software

Good information about network asset condition & performance helps good decision making for renewal expenditure and how to fund that expenditure. ProjectMax provides a range of web services to utilities that centralises information to assist them to manage their underground assets.

Condition and performance information should be used to make good decisions about risk management to avoid asset failures, assess the useful remaining lives of assets, and determine asset management renewal and retirement strategies.

Condition and performance information also determines the need for, and timing of, preventative or remedial action to prevent any loss of service. If a local authority does not know the current condition and performance of an asset, this could lead to premature failure. In addition, a lack of “connecting” information between systems or networks can mean that the failure of a small part in one network can cascade into a multiple or large network failure.

“Asset condition and performance information needs to improve to support decision-making”

– Auditor General, November 2014, Water and Roads: Funding & Management Challenges

In the Auditor General’s report on the funding and management challenges of water, one of the key findings was that local authorities could make better connections between critical information to increase the chances of making decisions that get the best results.

To carry out effective and integrated infrastructure strategies, local authorities need to:
  • have good information about the condition and performance of their assets;
  • integrate that information with financial and service delivery decisions and risk management; and
  • link their spending on maintenance and renewals to an optimised decision making approach.
Often the significant issue for local authority Engineers and Asset Managers is having access to good information. Good information is built from data that:
  • has consistent definitions and metadata, and is high quality;
  • can be used to look at trends and to compare performance across networks; and
  • can be studied alongside other sets of information to identify wider implications and needs.

ProjectMax provides an innovative cloud computing solution to water utilities, aimed at helping them to centralise information about the condition and performance of their assets. ProjectMax’s JungleTV web services, in partnership with Mott MacDonald’s H2knOw-how cloud platform, provides software that, at its core, provides a real time solution for the capture, collation, interrogation, analysis and dissemination of water related information.

Key Features:
  • Easy access to a consolidated data set for any user through a standard web browser.
  • Manage the workflow for CCTV investigations, including issuing, auditing and condition assessment work phases.
  • Support for multiple investigations on the same pipe. The map will default to the latest investigation data for each asset but historic data will also be available for any asset.
  • All defect observations will be visible and queryable as a point layer on the map.
  • Multiple photos or video for each defect can easily be viewed.
  • Every layer is searchable using wild card asset searches.
  • The layer layout can easily be modified and different layouts can be assigned to different user groups.
  • The platform has been designed to store virtually any type of data for any entity on the map including, but not limited to, asset information, property information, files, historic reports, inspection details, videos, pictures and general notes.
  • Presentation and interoperability of multiple different data sets.
  • Android application available for field tablet data collection.
  • The platform has been designed and built in Auckland, New Zealand and is fully customisable at any level with minimal effort.
  • No extra software development is required. The core CCTV features are already functional and can be utilised straightway. Updates transparently without interrupting users, making it a rapid innovation and development powerhouse.
  • Ability to add and remove users with different access and edit privileges.

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For further information, contact: Steve Apeldoorn