Strategic Planning

Issues facing local authorities include the need to cater for growth or declining populations, aging infrastructure and expected levels of service. Although different councils face very different challenges, what is common is striking the balance. It’s all about using money for infrastructure efficiently and effectively, and improving the information about assets to help make the optimal decisions.

Both the International Infrastructure Management Manual and the new ISO:55000 standard introduced the principle of Life Cycle Asset Management with the objective to identify the lowest long term cost (rather than short term savings).

Our Optimised Life Cycle Asset Management looks to enhance this further by:
  • aligning asset management activities with client strategies and objectives;
  • enhance our clients’ knowledge and competency in managing their infrastructure;
  • manage service delivery risks;
  • reduce life cycle asset costs by improving practices of key activities;
  • improve client efficiency by leveraging fit for purpose technology; and
  • driving continuous improvement that can be measured & reported.
Our approach to this seeks to:
  • Have a strong focus on data (the Goldilocks approach, not too hot and not too cold):
  • Fit for purpose.
  • The right quality and quantity.
  • Reliability and repeatability.
  • Detailed and multi-criteria remaining life approach to renewals.
  • Criticality and risk based decision making.
  • Providing a multi-discipline approach with experience across geographies and sectors.
  • Leverage technology and data analysis systems.

Our clients will leverage real benefits from Optimised Life Cycle Asset Management, by providing tools that enhance decision making and will ultimately benefit their stakeholders and customers.

Our Life Cycle Asset Management Optimisation services are enhanced by our collaborative partnership with Resolve Group. Resolve Group has a reputation of providing strategic independent advice, project management and delivery through trusted partnerships with local government, Watercare Services and NZTA. Resolve Group and ProjectMax have now joined to offer world class strategic asset management services to the water sector. The members of both the ProjectMax and Resolve Group teams are all recognised experts within the different fields of life cycle asset management, providing knowledge and perspectives gained from pipeline asset management, as well as from the management of transport assets.

For further information, contact: Steve Apeldoorn

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