Mott MacDonald

Outlined below are some of the key features of the H2KnowHow platform:
  • Easy access to a consolidated data set for any user through a standard web browser.
  • Ability to add and remove users with different access and edit privileges.
  • Support for multiple investigations on the same pipe. The map will default to the latest investigation data for each asset but historic data will also be available for any asset.
  • All defect observations will be visible and queryable as a point layer on the map.
  • Multiple photos or video for each defect can easily be viewed.
  • Every layer is searchable using wild card asset searches.
  • The layer layout can easily be modified and different layouts can be assigned to different user groups.
  • The platform has been designed to store virtually any type of data for any entity on the map including but not limited to asset information, property information, files, historic reports, inspection details, videos, pictures and general notes.
  • Presentation and interoperability of multiple different data sets.
  • Android application available for field tablet data collection.
  • The platform has been designed and built in Auckland and is fully customisable at any level with minimal effort.
  • No extra software development is required. The core CCTV features are already functional and can be utilised straightway. H2knOw-how updates transparently without interrupting users, making it a rapid innovation and development powerhouse.
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H2knOw-how is a cloud based data management platform and toolkit developed for the water sector by Mott MacDonald (AWT Water) that has integrated functionality with ProjectMax’s JungleTV cloud services. At its core H2knOw-how provides a real time solution for the capture, collation, interrogation, analysis and dissemination of water related information.

H2knOwhow data management platform has an information portal so that multiple users can view and manage their asset information and associated CCTV data. The portal provides a central repository for base asset data and can incorporate any relevant attribute data, thematic overlays, and virtually any other information set out and searchable in a geospatial format. H2KnowHow provides decentralised access, so that team members, and any authorised service provider, can access data. This will allow for seamless interaction with service providers and utility staff and ensure a common working set of data.