The New Zealand Pipe Inspection Manual

In 2006, ProjectMax reviewed and re-authored the 3rd Edition of the New Zealand Pipe Inspection Manual for the New Zealand Water & Wastes Association (Now known as WaterNZ). This manual is the corner stone document for the investigation of wastewater and stormwater pipelines, critical for the management of these assets.
The New Zealand Pipe Inspection Manual 3rd Edition has been prepared to provide:
  • An overview of the tasks that can be completed using Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and how these.
  • Activities to manage wastewater and stormwater assets.
  • A standardised set of codes for recording observations noted during CCTV inspections.
  • An outline of good practice procedures for carrying out CCTV inspections and collecting quality pipe condition information.
  • Analysing the information collected.
  • Standard Technical Specifications and Model Conditions of Contract for use when engaging CCTV Contractors.

ProjectMax’s expertise in the area of pipeline investigation and condition assessment ensured that this edition of the manual has stood in good stead for the industry for last 9 years. At the time of its release, this edition was seen as a significant improvement, making it more useful and relevant for its time.