Simple, Smart, Secure online access to your CCTV video & data. JungleTV provides a range of cloud services for the collection, storage and management of CCTV data and video. JungleTV is a world leading technology, owned and developed by ProjectMax in New Zealand, who are the leaders and experts in pipeline inspection and condition assessment.
JungleTV as a CCTV video and data management solution

JungleTV provides simple, smart and secure online management and access for utilities to their CCTV data and video. This is a unique service and concept for utility asset management providing:

  1. Access to pipe condition data and video anywhere, any time, on any device: mobile phones, tablets, note books or desk tops. The secure accessibility is a significant service enhancement for clients over any other option.
  2. Securely share information with anyone that needs it without the need to make copies.
  3. Upload/receive video and data directly from external service providers, without costly internal double handling.
  4. It solves the existing problem (with other software solutions for pipeline inspections) of secure storage of large volumes of video and pipe inspection data and easy retrieval without the need to manage servers and data backup.
  5. No software licences, no limitation on the number of users.
  6. Services are provided through Integration with other AMIS applications.

Key features
Making it simple
  • Unlimited video and data storage - Upload and store as much information as you need in fully supported, backed-up and secure Cloud Servers.
  • Data-backup is provided - This is a part of the native service, reducing the substantial additional costs introduced by on-site data storage.
  • Ease of information sharing - This allows users to upload and access the video and information from anywhere there is an internet connection avoiding expensive double handling. Everyone, with assigned access, can add or review data easily without the need to manage exports or lend out DVDs. Principally, JungleTV will integrate and share video and data with other software, via specific web services. Individual video inspections can also be shared with other parties via email link (akin to YouTube). To protect the security of the system and prevent it from invasion and tampering, we have developed data protection techniques and algorithms, such as, encrypting and hashing of resources.
It is smart
  • Multi-factor/Multi-criteria data Validation on upload - Once uploaded, automated validation checks can be implemented to ensure that the information being uploaded matches the GIS attribute information for the pipeline it is meant for; flagging possible errors or as-built changes instantly.
  • Data version control/individual input “roll-back” - JungleTV completely records all inspection data evolution, tracing data change history and modifies or locks the change. Each input (who, what and when) is recorded by the software. Each incremental change can be reviewed by the user, and if opted, each individual change can be “rolled- back” to another version, until such time as the inspection records are “locked”, by an administrator. Undo changes is not unique, what makes this different, is the ability to continue to select individual data changes, within a single field of the database, at any time, after the data has been saved.
  • Assesses internal pipe condition - JungleTV can undertake scoring analysis and produce reports compliant with the New Zealand Pipe Inspection Manual, WSA, WRc & NASSCO. In addition, JungleTV can customise the scoring analysis to caluculate condition scores and condition grading thresholds for the Client requirements
Keeping it secure
  • Unlimited user access - There no user licences required to limit the number of users. Administrators can grant access to any staff member within the organisation, or external party. Access is secured through tiered user access control, ensuring the right people can access the data from anywhere, when they need to.
  • Multiple Tier Access - JungleTV provides our customers with a very high level of access and data security, designed to ensure that only users who should be able to access data can do so, and that the data is stored safely and reliably.
  • Robust & Reliable data storage - Amazon’s Web Service (AWS) S3 storage service is used to store both video and data objects. We have chosen to partner with Amazon because of their long and proven history of securely storing data and objects.

Q: How secure is my video & condition data?

JungleTV has secure data centres located around the world, and provides the highest standards of security and durability. Our customers maintain all ownership over the stored data - JungleTV simply acts as a data warehouse and management service, conveniently storing, retrieving and processing the data, providing critical information as and when you need it.

We have chosen to partner with Amazon web services for data storage because of their long and proven history of securely storing data and objects. Some of the data security attributes provided by JungleTV are:

  • Certifications and Accreditations - AWS have achieved ISO 27001 certification and has successfully completed multiple SAS70 Type II audits. They will continue to obtain the appropriate security certifications and conduct audits to demonstrate the security of their infrastructure and services.
  • Physical Security - AWS infrastructure is housed in Amazon-controlled data centres throughout the world. Only those within Amazon who have a legitimate business need to have such information know the actual location of these data centres, and the data centres themselves are secured with a variety of physical barriers to prevent unauthorized access.
Q: How durable is the data storage

Our storage is designed to provide 99.999999999% durability of objects over a given year. For example, if you store 10,000 videos in JungleTV, you can on average expect to incur a loss of a single object once every 10,000,000 years. In addition, Amazon S3 is designed to sustain the concurrent loss of data in two facilities.

Q: How is the JungleTV Storage designed to achieve 99.999999999% durability?

Our storage facility redundantly stores your objects on multiple devices across multiple facilities within a Region. The service is designed to sustain concurrent device failures by quickly detecting and repairing any lost redundancy. When uploading data, the service will redundantly store the object across multiple facilities before returning SUCCESS. The integrity of the data is also regularly checked using checksums.

Q: What methods are employed to detect data corruption?

We use a combination of Content-MD5 checksums and cyclic redundancy checks (CRCs) to detect data corruption. Amazon performs these checksums on data at rest and repairs any corruption using redundant data. In addition, the service calculates checksums on all network traffic to detect corruption of data packets when storing or retrieving data.

Q: What other protection is in place in the unlikely event video data is lost?

JungleTV has a number of smart tools to protect the data and improve traceability. These include:

  • JungleTV tracks every new record and every change made to data including who added or changed information and when.
  • If errors or incorrect changes have been made, the data can be rolled back to a previous version of the data.
  • In addition to all of the JungleTV security and data protection measures, ProjectMax has insurance in place to cover the loss of any data stored in JungleTV.
  • JungleTV’s automated database backup processes mean that data is backed up can be restored where users may incorrectly update or accidentally delete information.
Q: How is user access controlled?

JungleTV provides our customers with a very high level of access and data security, designed to ensure that only users who should be able to access data can do so, and that the data is stored safely and reliably. JungleTV uses proven cryptographic methods to authenticate users. It is your choice to keep your data private, or to make it publicly accessible by third parties.

JungleTV is built on Microsoft .NET framework, which provides both authentication and authorisation services and management of users who access the application. Whenever a user logs into the application, JungleTV will verify the credentials provided by the user. The process of verifying the credentials is known as authentication.

Although the user may be authentic, whether he or she has permission to access individual projects/inspections, or complete administrative tasks, will be also be verified. The process through which the privileges of a user are checked is known as authorisation.

Q: What CCTV video media formats are supported?

JungleTV supports the upload of most standard high resolution video media formats, e.g. MP4 or M4V. The stored video can be transcoded from its original encoding to other formats, for delivery, as required.

Q: Is there a limit to how much data, files or video can be stored?

JungleTV offers unlimited storage capacity.

Q: Can JungleTV store condition data received in different formats?

One of JungleTV’s many strengths is its capacity to store and manage data and media from multiple formats. CCTV data held in standard field collection Software formats is able to be imported through a standard data import routines. In general all formats can be imported by mapping the data fields to the JungleTV database structure.

ProjectMax partners with leading organisations that provide AMIS services for the integration and delivery of our JungleTV services. One of our partner organisations is Mott Macdonald where JungleTV web services are provided to our clients through their H2KnowHow cloud platform - a state of the art cloud based data management platform.

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For further information, contact: Steve Apeldoorn